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How to play Great Blue slot in details

Summary: You do not know how to play the great blue slot machine game. Do not skip this guide to learn how to use the on-screen buttons effectively.
The Great Blue slot is now one of the most widely played slots designed by Playtech software vendors. You need to get a little patience to win, but the experience of pearl scattering will make you feel excited. This slot will not offer the most attractive theme or the highest payout ratio, but it will give you a boost so that you are willing to wait for a bigger win.
How To Use Buttons On The Great Blue Slot Game On Screen For More Information:
To get started, click the "Click Change" option on the left side of the bottom of the screen and select the correct coin value.
You click on the "Online Betting" option to select the line bet accordingly. Every time you click, you will add a coin to your line bet. When you reach the maximum coin amount, you can click this button again to reset this option.
You click the "Line" option to select the correct payline. Keep in mind that pay-per-click activates the payline. When all the paylines on the screen are active, click this button again to reset this option. Alternatively, you can activate the payline in the great blue slot by clicking the number button on the other side of the reel. Selecting a higher payline also means that you select all lower values. In addition, click on the "Click Maximum" option to activate all paylines with the maximum bet per line.
In large blue slots, the reel can be rotated by clicking the "Auto Start" option. You can click + or - to select the spin number. In addition, this option can also change to "Stop" if it is in auto start mode. This mode is complete when all the spindles are rotated with the time selected by the player, or when the Stop option is clicked.
The total bets for each round are calculated as follows: Total Bet = active payline x-line bet. Your win will be calculated according to the payout table as follows: Line win = Line bet x corresponds to multiplier, then spread win = Total stake x multiplier.

You can view the Info page for more information on the great blue slot.
Winning the rotation, the Victory field will show your victory. If you click anywhere on the screen, your win may stop. The total win and win lines in the large blue slot are also displayed at the bottom of the screen in detail. The "bonus" describes the rules you need to access the bonus round's symbol combination and bonus round.
Click the "Show Paylines" option to view all potential payline combinations. Click "Hide Payline" to close it and return to the Paytable page.
Finally, if you decide to leave the Messages page and start from the main game, just click the Back option.
What is great blue?

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